First Steps with Web Hosting

First Steps with Web Hosting

So you’ve signed up for a web hosting package, now you’re wondering what the first steps with web hosting are? For in in-depth look at web hosting checkout this article. And here’s my quick list for getting your new web hosting up and running fast.

This guide is for the person new to web hosting, to get started with the essentials asap. I have many of my own websites and each time I launch a new website the initial list of do’s is almost always the same.

First Steps with Web Hosting

  1. Create Mailboxes
  2. Setup Those Mailboxes on Your Email Client
  3. What About a Website?

1. Create Mailboxes

Creating mailboxes is always my first task. One of the reasons you signed up for a new hosting account is for personalized email. And sending email from a personalized mailbox is a great way to advertise your business. It looks infinitely more professional than sending from free email providers like Gmail or Yahoo mail.

i) Login to your maXpanel control panel and click “Mail Boxes“.


ii) Type the name of the new mailbox you want in the text box as shown below and click the “Add” button.


iii) A password was automatically generated for your new mailbox.

A) To view the password hover over the password text box. You can type in a new password in this box if you wish. Please remember to always create a strong (memorable) password. Avoid using things like “password” or P@ssword” etc.

B) You can login to your webmail from here too by clicking the “click to log-in to webmail” link.


2. Set up Those Mailboxes on Your Email Client

The process of setting up your new mailbox on your email program uses the same settings across devices and programs. This includes tablets, phones, notebooks, computers etc. The mailbox settings are:

Incoming Settings (POP or IMAP):
Username: your full email address e.g. (as in the example in the image above).
Password: your password listed in your control panel for that mailbox.

Outgoing Settings (SMTP):
Username: the same username you used above for the incoming settings.
Password: the same password you used above for the incoming settings.
IMPORTANT: You must authenticate your Outgoing mail server. This usually involves a checkbox that must be ticked.

3. What About a Website?

Besides email, the biggest motivation for signing up for web hosting was a website. There are two choices when it comes to a website. You can build your own website or get someone to build it for you. The former is getting more popular by the day.

Build Your Own Website

With the awesome website building tools available today, you can build your own website. We have a DIY website package you’ll definitely want to consider. We call it Create a Website.

Our DIY website package includes WordPress instantly pre-installed for you. We then throw in the absolutely awesome BeaverBuilder theme and pagebuilder free to use.

Website Design

If you’re not comfortable building your own website this is your option. Whether you want to sell online, a simple blog or brochure type website for your business, website design companies can do it for you.

If you’re looking for good web design company checkout WebX Design.

The first steps with web hosting needn’t be difficult, in fact you can get going in minutes. Feel free to contact us with any questions, we’re always happy to help.

For fast reliable unlimited web hosting, take a look at our web hosting plans.

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