Videos for Website Backgrounds

Looking for Beautiful Videos for Your Website Background?

More individuals and businesses are building their own websites. Making a good first impression on website visitors can be a challenge. One way to do this is videos on the website background.

Having beautiful videos in your website background, especially on the home page of your website is a growing trend. So how do you get these background videos? I’ve got good news, read on.

Further down this article I’ve included examples of websites with videos as backgrounds for the home page. These are stunning but some of them surely cost a pretty penny. What do you do when you’re on a tight budget?

FREE Videos for Website Background

How about FREE homepage videos for your website background? Enter Coverr, it’s like an Unsplash but for website background videos. Best of all, these website background videos are absolutely free. You can download them and use them to your hearts content.

Coverr adds seven new videos each Monday. And they’re stunning videos too, I’ve tried five website background videos thus far and I’m impressed.

Indelible First Impressions

If first impressions are as important as the old saying goes, then a video on your homepage has to be one of the ways to create an indelible impression. I’ve landed on some websites and that first impression is just WOW.Here are a few excellent examples of websites with video backgrounds:

Websites Using Video Backgrounds

1. Life of Pi

Videos for Website Backgrounds - Example

This is absolutely stunning, clips from the Life of Pi movie with the soundtrack in the background. I had goosebumps experiencing this video on the homepage.

2. Fernando Maclen

Videos for Website Backgrounds - Example

This is a blurry video of Fernando Maclen at work. He is a designer. This wants me to contact him just to find out what he can possibly do for me. It’s powerful stuff.

I like the blurry video background, it not only saves on the size of the video but creates an air of intrigue. Keep in mind that videos are relatively large in size and have to be used carefully to keep page load times down. This blurry video is a lot smaller than if it were crisp and sharp.

3. Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli

Videos for Website Backgrounds - Example

Landing on this video homepage makes me want to sign-up and spend some time at this stunning hotel. With views like that only a video could possibly do justice to the setting of this hotel.

4. Jonas Eriksson

Videos for Website Backgrounds - Example

Jonas Eriksson is a director and designer. What better way to showcase his work than right on the homepage. These videos clips are impressive and certainly adds to the wow factor.

5. The Fernway

Videos for Website Backgrounds - Example

The Fernway is a travel site with a twist. No destination is recommended unless they visit it personally. That job must be awful. 😉 The homepage videos are stunning, the very best advertisement for their product.

I know what you’re thinking, “how on earth do I do this?” The guys at Coverr have included all the code you need right on their front page of their website. Very helpful of them indeed.

If you’re building a website and you want to add the WOW factor, using background videos is a good way to do it.

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